Friday, February 6, 2009

Silence Is Never Golden

Nothing brings on a panic more than the realization that it's awfully quiet around here. Silence can only mean one of 5 things when there's a 2 year old around...

1) Someone is hiding...pooping

2) Someone is coloring on something other than paper

3) Something is being destroyed...just quiet enough so Mom doesn't catch the guilty party

4) Digging all the bright pink lip gloss out of the container and smearing it all over your face is a silent gets much louder when your big sister finds out :)

5) Someone is no longer in the house...must install higher lock to prevent future escapes!


Kristen said...

He He I guess this is what I have to look forward to with my active little guy :) Hope all is well!

Colleen said...


Silence here means
1)someone is in the fridge helping themselves to a snack
2)someone is on the top bunk where they don't belong
3) someone is hiding...pooping
4)someone is covering my bed with lotion.