Friday, February 6, 2009

Silence Is Never Golden

Nothing brings on a panic more than the realization that it's awfully quiet around here. Silence can only mean one of 5 things when there's a 2 year old around...

1) Someone is hiding...pooping

2) Someone is coloring on something other than paper

3) Something is being destroyed...just quiet enough so Mom doesn't catch the guilty party

4) Digging all the bright pink lip gloss out of the container and smearing it all over your face is a silent gets much louder when your big sister finds out :)

5) Someone is no longer in the house...must install higher lock to prevent future escapes!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Baby Is 2!

Happy Birthday Eliott! It's been a crazy, topsy-turvy, smile filled 2 years :) I love you Elly Belly!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To D.C or Not D.C.?

The drama in our house over the last month has been focused on the annual middle school trip to Washington D.C. Elisse REALLY wants to go. I understand, the trip itself sounds awesome! All the sights in D.C. and a side trip to PA to see the Liberty Bell and the such. ALL her friends are going. How much fun would it be to fly across the country and see all the historical sites, in such a historical year, with your friends? When you're 13? All for the low, low price of $1500...ahhh...that is a lot. I think, maybe, if we take a mini vacation instead of a faraway one (aka drive around Colorado, which is a pretty sweet place) we can afford to send her. Now I just have to figure out how not to be a nervous wreck the last week of October when I put my baby on a plane without me and send her on her way...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cancer Sucks Ass

We are going to miss you girl, rest in peace Shy Shy...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Voting- So I hang my head in shame and admit I have never voted before, this is my very first time and I want to do it right. Some of the choices are easy, I already have my president picked out, but who knew there were so many other things I get to have a say in too! I have my handy 123 page Colorado State Ballot guide to study...they really should do a Cliff Notes version for those of us who have a 4 big words per paragraph limit...I'm doing my best to decipher what these things are REALLY saying. It is making me head hurt...

Flies- Now that the weather is cooling down the local flies seem to have figured out the Chase house is a pretty nifty place to chill. Not cool. It probably doesn't help that we have a toddler that sometimes (most of the time) forgets to shut the screen door behind him. What exactly is the point of a fly anyway? Besides annoying the crap out of me that is...Do they serve a purpose? I have also discovered I kinda suck at fly swatting. Is there an art to it? Sneak up, small swat? Full swat from 3 feet away? I've tried it all, still takes me a good 3 tries before I kill one.

Star Wars- Eliott is obsessed. He can't talk much but can make a very impressive Darth Vader breathing noise and immitates R2D2 so well I can't help but laugh. He will also walk up and shoot you with his blaster and makes the sound of the lightsaber when he swings it. Guys. That's what he call his star wars toys, guys. Which is better than what we thought he was saying, "dies". They sound alike, guys is much more pleasant to hear come out of the mouth of a 20 month old. There are guys everywhere in my house. Guys hurt to step on. I need to go save his guys from the backyard before all the leaves fall and bury them.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wonder Woman

I totally feel like Wonder Woman lately, not in a good I can fight anything way's like in the episodes where she was being attacked and used her bracelets to block projectiles flying at her. I feel like I am dodging and weaving my way through life, people keep trying to knock me down and shoot me up and I just keep having to defend my life. Enough already people! I'm taking off the gear and going into hiding. Well that's what I want to do anyway, I lay in bed at night thinking happy thoughts of hopping on a plane to just about anywhere. The kids can come too, they've been awesome lately. And John, wouldn't be fun without John.

So through all the yucky stuff I'm dealing with I really should find some optimistic moment to blog about, I'll do my favorite moment. It's a compliment I recieved a few months ago, and I guess it took until now to sink in that it really was true. Both Elisse and Elijah were off for summer break so I took them along on a playdate with Eliott's friends and their moms. The kids were on their best behavior, playing with all the little kids, having fun. A mom noticed and complimented me on what great kids I have, even wanted to know how I raised them to be that way. I thanked her for the compliment but in the back of my mind was all the doubt I have about my parenting, my fears of screwing them up, the fact she didn't see the fighting between the two in the car on the way up there...I guess it took until now and dealing with the ramifications of other peoples wayward parenting skills to accept the fact that, yes, I do have really great kids. And I'm doing okay at this parenting thing :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

It's Playgroup, Not Fight Club

We got kicked out of playgroup yesterday...okay not really but I'm sure we would have had I not up and left when I did. See it seems I have given birth to the next WWE (whatever happended to the "F"? It just seems wrong) champion of the world. Eliott is a tackler. You have a toy, I want it, you're going down. Not just a push either, full blown grab you by the head and toss you down kicking and screaming. I did not teach him this. His sibling are not like this, and as far as my memory serves me they never were. Really, we are not violent people, so where does he get this stuff? Daddy had a talk with him when he got home...Eliott, it's playgroup, not Fight Club.